Zeder Investments has the backing of its parent company, PSG Group, with all the advantages of expertise associated with the PSG brand and leadership. In the many years since Zeder’s inception, it has developed its own brand and its own strategy, having grown, matured and adapted within the unique context of the agribusiness industry. Our investment portfolio is strong. Our business is defined by value investments with long-term, sustainable yields. Our leadership team is focused on growing our present base while gearing for future investment opportunities around the next corner.

Our investment philosophy

At Zeder, we are open to innovation and growth. Indeed, we understand that, in order to stay profitable and relevant in a changing world, it should be a business imperative to have a dynamic investment strategy. Our portfolio of investments has changed much in the past years as we have moved from several smaller investments to fewer, larger commitments. These were big decisions, and we undertook them with great care and consideration for the future of our group and the industry as a whole.

Our five core investments are evidence of our presence and impact across the agribusiness industry, though we are optimistic about further expansion across the value chain. We wholeheartedly endorse sustainable agriculture as an imperative for the future, and are committed to unlocking value in businesses which can demonstrate significant growth potential through a scalable business model, a proven track record and sound leadership.

It is our experience that such businesses within the agricultural industry are historically undervalued, and therefore make our investment decisions based strongly on future potential value rather than present value. Our track record represents our significant heritage of engagement within the agricultural industry, and our long-term commitment to the investments that we make.

Africa is an exciting place to be for investing in the agribusiness industry and, despite the challenges of the region, represents an abundant opportunity to create value in the future. Our core strategy remains consistent – to identify areas of potential, invest all that we can in support of that potential, and finally to grow those investments into profitable and sustainable enterprises. This is how we create value. This is how we build the businesses of tomorrow.

Our business strategy

Identify – Invest – Grow

Identify – At Zeder, we are actively seeking new investment propositions. Our business imperative is to grow companies with strong management, scalable business models and established brands. We prefer to scale up, rather than start up, businesses with core repeatable processes and strong leadership teams. We are always vigilant about new opportunities and – despite tough economic conditions – are optimistic about the future of the broad agribusiness industry, particularly on the African continent. We are looking for growth opportunities beyond the food-related aspect of agribusiness, and see enormous potential in raw materials and bio fuels.

Invest – At Zeder, we favour fewer, larger investments over many smaller financial commitments. We are big exponents of brand loyalty, and are always seeking new avenues to grow and capitalise on the established reputations of the companies we support. We have observed a trend in the industry towards under-valuation of assets – hence why we see it as an arena where we can invest and build towards future profits and growth.

Grow – At Zeder, we have proved our commitment to financial investment and our success in unlocking value in the broad agribusiness industry. What with the refocusing of our investment portfolio, we anticipate significant returns for those businesses, our business and our collective shareholder base. Growth is always at the forefront of our strategy and we are always on the lookout for opportunity.

If you are interested in contacting us directly with an investment proposition in your business, please tell us about your business.