Kaap Agri was the result of a 2005 merger between two agribusinesses, offering retail services across the country in an extended network of outlets. Kaap Agri has since unbundled from Agri Voedsel and the two are separate entities. Zeder’s investment in Kaap Agri provides it with significant exposure to Pioneer Foods, of which Kaap Agri is the largest shareholder. See: Current Investments for more information on Kaap Agri and Pioneer Foods.


KWV Limited is a leading exporter of wines and spirits across the globe. The company has a majority interest in KWV Holdings, a JSE-listed investment holding company that indirectly owns a significant stake in Distell Limited. KWV Limited has since become Capevin Holdings Limited, and KWV Holdings has since unbundled from KWV Limited.


Senwes Limited is one of the largest grain-handling operations in South Africa. Zeder sold its interest in Senwes in 2007.


Oos Vrystaat Kaap (OVK) Operations Limited is a diversified agribusiness with primary activities involving trade, fuel distribution, mechanisation, motor dealerships, grain-handling, livestock, marketing and financial services. Zeder sold its interest in OVK in 2012.


Suidwes Investments Limited is a company focussed on and built around the maize producing area of the North West in South Africa, providing services in terms of distribution, farming, marketing and financing. Zeder sold its interest in Suidwes in 2014.


KLK Landbou Limited primarily serves the sheep farming industry of the Northern Cape and Kalahari. In addition, its fuel distribution segment generates the bulk of the company’s profits. Zeder has a 49.9% interest in Thembeka Agri Holdings, a broad-based black economic empowerment company which holds the 20% interest in KLK. Zeder sold its interest in KLK in 2011.


BKB Limited manages the handling and marketing of agricultural products, wool, mohair and livestock, trading both the wool and mohair on the international market. Zeder sold its interest in BKB in 2011.


NWK Limited is a key player in South Africa’s agricultural industry as a leading provider of agricultural services, products and inputs. The company’s activities span broad sectors of the industry, enabling it to benefit along the value chain of the agricultural season. Zeder sold its interest in NWK in 2014


MGK Investments Limited is a group of companies providing products and services focused, among others, on irrigation systems across various agricultural enterprises. Zeder sold its interest in MGK in 2012.

Tuinroete Agri Limited is engaged in the building and agricultural industry, supplying products and services to clients across those segments. Zeder sold its interest in Tuinroete in 2012.