Kaap Agri Limited (43.9%)
Capevin Holdings Limited (39.5%)
OVK Operations Limited (9.3%)
Suidwes Investments Limited (21.8%)
NWK Limited (8.8%)
MGK Business Investments Limited (26.7%)
Tuinroete Agri Limited (10.0%)
Agricol Holdings Ltd (25.1%)
Capespan Group Limited (22.7%)
NEW – Overberg Agri Limited (10.0%) Correct?

Are these correct? – not explicit in reports.

– Zeder sold interest in BKB Limited.
– Zeder sold interest in KLK Landbou Limited.
– Zeder sold interest in KWV Holdings Limited.
– Overberg Agri focuses on two main outputs within its operations – agricultural support and insurance support. With these services, the company offers an integrated operational and financial package to clients in the agricultural industry.